The Lion City Project (2013 - current)

When we pass by landscapes they appear fixed in time, but they change around us constantly. Loutit's Lion City project explores long term filming, to reveal changes that are invisible in our daily travels.

Since 2013, Loutit has travelled the country, returning to film the same locations. The result is a constantly evolving picture of a city changing on a timescale that would otherwise remain unseen.

Small World's Project (2008 - 2014)

Sydney photographer and filmmaker Keith Loutit attracted an internet and media sensation, following the release of his 'Bathtub' series of short films, that transformed both iconic and familiar Sydney scenes into miniature wonderlands. Building on tilt shift photographic techniques, Loutit was the first to recognise how time and focus combine to support the powerful illusion of miniaturisation in film. In his scaled down and sped up realities, real world subjects become their miniature counterparts. Boats bob like toys in a bathtub, cars race like slot-cars, and crowds march as toy armies. With all of his techniques, Loutit's aim is create a sense of wonder in our surroundings by challenging the viewer to distance themselves from places they know well, and see their environment with fresh eyes as if for the first time. 

The Small World’s Project documented the world's great cities, landscapes and monuments of the ancient world in miniature. In a time of population explosion, impacts to our environment, and concern over limited resources our world feels smaller than ever. But through Loutit's lens the world seems simple and uncomplicated, the differences between people are reduced, and obstacles seem easily overcome. By presenting a view of the world from 'the outside in' Loutit aims to tell an inspirational story of mankind working together as one. We will see cities being built, the world's great events, and daily life all in Loutit's trademark style of miniaturisation.
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